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About Us

We are alumni from the University of Cambridge and Yale University, working together to provide a seamless resume optimization experience. With a database containing 25 million resume variations, you can build a resume online within minutes.

Scan your resume and enter your desired job’s description to get helpful resume tips and relevant keywords shortlisted by recruiters. Resume Inc. also gives you job listings to match your qualifications and enables you to apply to them directly. Complete resume optimization powered by AI.

The Leadership Team

Nofel Izz

Founder & CEO

  • MBA from University of Cambridge and MPH from Yale University.
  • Introduced technology for online recruitment in the Middle East jobs market reaching 12 million users and 100,000 employers by 2011.
  • Founder of multiple startups including AI and SaaS for blockchain integration in HR tech.

Nasser Ahmed


  • MBA graduate from the University of Cambridge.
  • Strong background in computer science, data engineering, and AI solutions.
  • 13 years at Google in the UAE, providing strategic guidance to numerous Fortune 500 companies in the areas of Cloud, Data, and Transformation.
  • First Senior architect at Bayt.com.

Cristina Savian

President and CMO

  • MBA from University of Cambridge and MSc Imperial College London.
  • International management consultant driving adoption of technology in the built environment.
  • 25+y in civil engineering and technology industries.
  • Named one of the most influential voices in Industry 4.0 for 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Ayat Izz

Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships

  • BA graduate from UCLA.
  • Launching Startups with a UCLA Stamp of Approval: Imagine a blend of youthful vigor and cutting-edge ideas.
  • Specialized AI Assist Bots Mastered the art of creating and managing AI assist bots tailored for influencers.

Advising Team

Mubarik Hussain

Currently an award-winning CTO in the MENA region. Instrumental in investors relations in the UAE. Mubarik has worked closely with Resume Inc.’s developers for the app user experience and development process. MBA, University of Cambridge.

Dr. Vanessa Marcie

TedX Speaker, Humor & Leadership expert, international speaker, and a pioneer of theories of driving change through humor. Currently advising Resume Inc. with market penetration strategies. MBA University of Cambridge. PhD Université Côte d'Azur.

Sultan Akif

Former Microsoft executive and founder of prominent Social Entrepreneurship platforms in Canada that builds libraries around the world in communities that have no access to books. Helping Resume Inc. to gain access in providing free subscriptions to 1.5M students in Canada through the Canadian student board of education.

Anil Kumar Kappu

Computer science major and currently involved with 5G network for a major corporation in the UK. MBA, University of Cambridge. Helping Resume Inc. with Digital Operations & Customer Experience.

Leslie Asanga

PharmD, MBA, MPH Yale University is a founder and CEO of Pills2Me.com and co-founder of UrPharm which won the Thorne Prize at Startup Yale 2020.

Musaddiq Khan

VP, DCT Solutions at Medable Inc., San Francisco MBA, University of Cambridge. Assisting Resume Inc. with digital analytics and transformation.

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